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moira ariev

About the logo 

The logo shape speaks to me on many levels. First, it illustrates the "spokes on the wheel" model that is key to so much robust, sustainable fundraising -- empowering advocates and stakeholders who reach out across their networks, and so on, and so on.

It represents the generation (or flowering) of ideas and a (sun)burst of energy. A spinning toy: movement or momentum. An asterisk, ever so helpful in budget documents and grant proposals.

It's crisp and elegant, derived from a favorite typeface: Bauer Bodoni, a classic, high-contrast serif font designed in Frankfurt, Germany in the 1920s. It reminds me of the brief time during which I ran the Bow and Arrow Press in Cambridge, MA, setting Bauer Bodoni by hand a letter at a time while aspiring to be a graphic designer. And of when I lived outside Frankfurt as a teenager.

The name "Moira Ariev" is unique (just ask my kindergarten teacher), and the family name extremely unusual, traced back to a single ancestor born in 1738. The name is not in Bauer Bodoni, however, since the extreme contrast makes the font less versatile at smaller sizes.  It's compact and graphically powerful all in lower case, with no ascending or descending letters. 

In short: my logo (like my work) is, inevitably, a labor of love and means of personal expression!